You can use your own number when traveling abroad, but you'll spend a fortune.

  • SIM card works in all GSM unlocked phones
  • Mobile coverage in 200 countries
  • Low cost data and calling plans

You probably don't have any idea how reliant on your phone you really are. You use it for directions, for information, for checking your emails, for entertainment and more. But if you attempt to use your phone overseas, you will run up a phone bill that trumps the cost of your flight.

Now, you will never find an international SIM card that is super cheap; but it will always be less expensive than taking your regular SIM card with you. And, you always need to read all the fine print when it comes to this sort of purchase... There are always fees.

What Reviewers Say:

Reviewers on Amazon are mixed on this product, but there is a lot of positive feedback to consider. 

  • "I have had a OneSimCard for three years now. I have used it without any issues in the following countries: Turkey, Israel, Jordan, St. Lucia, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay and Hungary. In a couple weeks, I will be taking my new OneSimCard (got a new phone that uses a micro SIM) to Italy and Croatia so I'll add two more countries to the list."
  • "I used onesimcard in Denmark, Sweden, Estonia and Germany during my recent travel trips. Everything worked as it was promised, and the cost was a fraction of my usual AT&T service. Onesimcard provided me with two numbers for my phone- one in Europe and one in USA. This enabled me with extra flexibility as I was able to control the cost of incoming calls... I like the fact that there is no periodic fee to maintain the service. Overall I was very pleased with the level of service and the savings I got."
  • "This worked so well for me. I travel a lot for business overseas. Usually I am running around trying to get a local sim card. This time I thought I would try OneSimCard. Very glad I did. Not only did I use it but four people on the trip I lead also bought the card and loved it."
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