Most Comfortable Valentine's Gift

Why people love it
  • Wide legs and relaxed fit make them very comfortable 
  • "Go-to" pants for all activities: Yoga, beachwear, lounging, or even sleepwear
  • Look good enough to wear before and after yoga

Supremely comfy, multi-purpose pants that feature a relaxed fit and good elasticity compatible with a wide range of activities.

Thin material makes them unsuitable for hot yoga.


Details: For the guy who NEEDS his comfort around the house, this is the perfect Valentine's gift. These yoga pants are supremely comfortable—thanks to the blend of hemp, PET (recycled plastic), and lycra—but they're not "lazy pants". They look stylish and sporty, with that hint of Yoga exoticness that will make him far more attractive than he would feel lounging around in pajama pants.

The style is comfort-oriented, with a wide leg and relaxed fit. He can use them for Yoga practice or for bedtime, take them to the beach or wear them around the house. They're lightweight and thin (too thin for heavy sweaters), yet they offer excellent durability. Definitely a pair of pants worth owning!

Price: The $70 price tag on these pants is very high, make no mistake. However, if he's a yoga practitioner and needs a pair of uber-comfortable pants to keep up, these are the ones for him!

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