prAna Sutra Pant

Best Men's Yoga Pants Overall

Why people love it
  • Wide legs and relaxed fit make them very comfortable 
  • "Go-to" pants for all activities
  • Look good enough to wear before and after yoga

These yoga pants are comfortable with just the right amount of stretch. Exhale. You've found a new favorite pant you can wear all week, and they're so light you'll barely feel them!

Thin material makes them not suitable for hot yoga.


Made from a mixture of stretchy Lycra, all-natural hemp, and eco-friendly recycled materials, this pair of Yoga pants is a beautifully comfortable option.

  • A favorite for yoga practice and bouldering
  • Lightweight blend of hemp, PET (recycled plastic), and lycra for slight stretch
  • Wide legs, inseam gusset, front pockets with stitch detail

Quality: Made from organic hemp, Lycra, and recycled materials, the prAna Sutra Pant is designed to tread from indoor studio to the outside world. Although thin, these pants are very durable. And, you won't notice any shrinkage from washing. 

Style: Reviewers truly cannot get enough of these pants. What we love most is that you can wear them while running errands as well. Their design is what makes this possible, since they have a false seam in the front, giving them the look of everyday pants rather than looking like workout clothes. And, they come in seven earthy tones, including khaki and gravel. The leggings also feature extra deep pockets, which comes in super handy if you're looking for a safe spot to store your keys or cash. These pants are available in sizes from XS to XL, with inseams of 30, 32, and 34.

Price: At roughly $70, these pants provide many of the same awesome features as the more expensive brands, but at a slightly lower cost. 

What Reviewers Say:

  • I practice yoga 3 to 5 times per week, so I am always on the market for a good pair of yoga pants. I was hesitant to spend $48 on these since I have been burned by other brands (Be Present for example), and other brands such as 4-rth are good, but are definitely yoga or workout pants only. These actually look good enough to wear around between practice.
  • I do martial arts and was wearing my pants from that art for my yoga classes. I thought that this product would be similar, but was greatly surprised to find these pants fit so well and move with my every move without binding at the knees. It has allowed me to move much more fluidly through my yoga positions. I need to get more of these!
  • These pants are super comfortable. I bought them because I wanted something that I could put on in the morning, do some yoga, go bouldering, and then go out to eat without having to change. These definitely fit the bill. I would only say that if you are exceptionally skinny like me you'll definitely have to tie up the drawstrings pretty tight.
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