Why people love it
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Features the original Stretch 'Zion' fabric, with added durability andwater repellent
  • Quick dry stretch nylon performance fabric

We love these pants because they are comfortable, versatile for either sports or casual wear, have great pockets, and are always a perfect fit. 

What Reviewers Say:

  • I have several pairs of these, shorts and long pants. I wear them almost exclusively. Excellent fit (I'm a 34" waist and wear a medium) and no need for a belt ever. Ideal for getting through airport security with one hassle fewer. I almost never use the "roll-up" feature, so I could live without the snaps, but all in all, my favorite pants ever. Wouldn't mind if they went back to having cargo pockets on both legs, either.
  • I bought a pair of PrAna hiking shorts and really loved the way they felt. So, I bought these hiking pants and wore them on a 5-day backpacking trip. First, let me say that they were the most comfortable pair of hiking pants I have ever worn. Ever. They are snug, yet breathable. Next, I was very pleased to find that I was able to get them clean. After 5 days of sitting in dirt I came home, sprayed them up with a stain remover, and threw them in the wash. They came out as good as new.
  • These are my new favorite pants. Not just hiking pants, but overall. They are just so comfortable. I really like the stretch in the material as this allows them to be slim fitting yet allow great range of movement. I actually love the built in belt. It snugs them up perfectly without the weight of another belt. They are light weight and soft also. I haven't had them long enough to comment on durability, so hopefully they live up to their ranking. I tried several other brands of convertibles (Kuhl, Columbia) and one thing I really like about the Prana Zion's is the fabric is quiet. The Kuhl's made the swish-swish noise with every step, kind of ruining a peaceful stroll through a quiet meadow. If I had a beef, it would be that the shorts are long. I know this is the modern fit, but I would like them 1 inch shorter and I wish the bottom had a zipper. Overall, my favorite hiking pant after a long search. I'm thinking about getting some of the regular (non-convertible) pants for everyday wear.

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