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PowerSmith PAVC101 10 Amp Ash Vacuum
  • Great for cleaning out ash, dust, and dirt; effective with very fine particles
  • Heat-resistant canister and hose—clean the grill while it's still hot
  • Powerful, quiet motor, and durable machine
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Designed specifically for outdoor use, potent motor, good suction power, can suck up debris while still hot, replaceable and washable air filters, metal construction, durable, and no dust in the air!

Lacking attachments and prone to clogging.


Performance: If you love to grill, you'll definitely want this vacuum cleaner on hand. It's designed with a metal hose and canister that is heat-resistant, meaning you can suck up the ash and coals before they have fully cooled. The suction power is excellent, thanks to the 10 Amp motor, and you'll love how effectively it sucks up even the finest particles. You'll never have to worry about dust or ash in the air after cleaning your grill with this bad boy.

The filter system within the vacuum cleaner is fire-resistant, not to mention fully washable and replaceable. The main downside of this vacuum cleaner: it can't handle large coals without clogging, and the air filters get clogged fairly quickly.

Features: The vacuum cleaner DOESN'T have the fancy accessories you get with other appliances on our list, but it only has a brush nozzle, turbo nozzle, and straight extension wands. It may not be as versatile for your home interior, but boy can it get a grill clean!

The 16-foot cord and 7-foot hose give you more than enough reach to clean your grill even if you don't have a plug outside. Thanks to the 2-stage air filtration system, you can get your grill very clean without kicking up any dust at all.

Price: For just $65, this is a great-priced vacuum cleaner. While not the most versatile machine, it's a grillmaster's best friend.


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