Best Bluetooth Earphones for Gymrats

Powerbeats3 Wireless In-Ear Headphones
  • Crisp sound
  • Good for gymrats
  • Hardly notice you're wearing them

Powerbeats3 were made for the gymrat. They're super lightweight, sweatproof, and won't fall out of your ears. Additionally, the Powerbeats3 in-ear headphones are designed with flexible, adjustable earclips to secure to your ear. On top of that, they're sweat and water resistant and provide 6-hour playback!

Some consumers reported some difficulty syncing the earphones.


Sound Quality: What can you say about Powerbeats2? Oh, that's right...they're designed by Dr. Dre, who knows more about sound quality and bass than the other guys. So it's no surprise that these headphones provide exceptional sound quality that far exceeds the competition. 

Battery Life: These earphones have a respectable battery life of 6 hours. Not too shabby!

Comfort: Powerbeats 3 were designed to be super lightweight. Most people almost forget they're wearing them.




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