Best Portable Air Conditioner for Large Spaces

Portacool JetStream 230 Portable Air Conditioner
  • A large-sized air conditioner designed to cool very large spaces
  • Energy-efficient, durable, and rust-resistant
  • Ready to use right out of the box

This wheeled cooling unit can handle rooms up to 900 square feet in size, and it’s able to cool your rooms by up to 30 degrees. It’s also wonderfully energy-efficient and can help you to drastically reduce your HVAC bills.

Quality control issues, may arrive damaged or defective


Portacool brings a large-space cooling unit to your home with this Jetstream 230, a machine designed to handle the largest rooms in your home or office with ease. It can drop the temperature by up to 30 degrees (except in high heat/humidity environments), and you’ll find it will deliver quality results every time.

It’s not the quietest unit, but it does a great job of cooling off your home. Though some users have reported defects and damage upon shipping, you’ll find that most are defect-free and ready to work right out of the box. If you’ve got a large space that needs air conditioning, this is the machine for you!

Room size: up to 900 sq. ft.

Maximum airflow: 3600 CFM

Single or dual hose: Single

Fan operation: Yes, 2-speed

Noise: 62-88 db

Dehumidifier: No

Display: No display, but it has a water level indicator

Sleep mode or timer: There is no sleep mode or timer, but the auto shut-off feature is engaged when the 30-gallon reservoir is full.

Remote: No

Weight: 108 pounds

Price: The MSRP is about $1250, but you should be able to find it closer to $1000 most of the time.


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