Porsche Design Aviator Sunglasses

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Why people love it
  • Lightweight fit
  • Look great on anyone
  • You'll feel like a secret agent

Check the measurements. For broader face shapes these sunglasses may be a little narrow. 


Lenses: Scratch resistant and virtually break-proof, these polycarbonate lenses filter out 100% of all harmful UV rays. They come with two sets of lenses, a grey blue color and a spare set in mirrored mercury silver. 

Frame: These stylish frames are made of a black colored titanium metal. 

Design: Porsche Design takes the classic Aviator shape and steps it up a notch with sleek style that pairs well with a sharp suit or amps up an everyday casual look. 

Durability: These are some tough sunglasses. Titanium is a 45% lighter than steel and just as strong. 

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