Coffee and IoT. It was just a matter of time before they blended perfectly, wasn't it? And this baby gives you the best of both.  Not only does it brew a perfect cup of coffee, but it does it through your Wink set up, so you always know what's happening. But, that's not all...


With the Poppy Pour-Over, you can schedule when your coffee brews, tailor your blend to match your beans to your water perfectly and save your settings so you always get the best cuppa around. But that's not all, it will also schedule the delivery of coffee beans when you run low. It's the coffee that will blow your mind though - not only does this crush (not grind) your beans, but it brews your coffee with the right temperature water. Now, it's not available on the market yet, but you'll want to get on the mailing list for this baby now.

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