All that Lego training you had as a kid is about to pay off.  Now, you can build your house (or backyard office) using your stacking abilities - oh and a screwdriver too.  Pop-up homes need very little else from you.  Yet they're sturdy, come with all sorts of environmental and financial benefits, and they're fully insulated too.  You may think it's sci-fi, until you watch this video.


It should come as almost no surprise that the Europeans are designing the most efficient homes possible.  The EU has über-strict regulations with regards to material of use and insulation thresholds.  But even knowing that just couldn't prepare you for a fully-insulated pop-up home that you can build with just an electric screwdriver, now does it?

But, that's exactly what this pop-up home allows you to do.  It's fully insulated, ridiculously good-looking and goes up quickly.  And, keeping with the European commitments to the environment, you can actually recycle your home or office when (if) you're done with it.  Oh yeah, it's also a wonderfully low-cost alternative to traditional builds.  Now that's hot.

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