Polar M400

Most Reliable Running Watch

Why people love it
  • A simple, reliable, highly versatile running watch
  • Feature-rich without the crazy high price tag
  • Compatible with the Polar Flow app and web-based community/tracking software

Polar Flow app/software prone to bugs, and syncing is sometimes slow and difficult.


Performance: For runners who need simplicity and reliability, you can't beat Polar! Though the M400 doesn't have a lot of the fancy features of some of the higher-rated watches on this list, it delivers excellent value in what it does give you.

The heart rate monitor, for example, is one of the most accurate of any running wristwatch, making it easy for you to track your run (or workout) performance, even when sprint training. The watch is fully waterproof, so you can use it for a swimming session or even a triathlon. It delivers up to 24 days of battery life, and you'll find it's easily charged via microUSB cable.

With its sleek, stylish design, it's one of the best-looking watches on our list. The watch face is big with bold, bright letters and numbers, making it easy to read all of your performance data on the run.

Features: The watch comes with some pretty nifty features. The GPS tracking will ensure you're always on track, and you can monitor your distance traveled, distance remaining, pace, and even altitude. The fitness tracker monitors your daily activity levels, sleep patterns, calories burned, and steps walked. Though you can pair the watch with a chest heart rate monitor, the wrist monitor is accurate enough for all but the most high intensity workouts.

One of the great things about this watch is its compatibility with the Polar Flow app and web-based community and fitness tracking software. Though syncing is a pain in the butt (takes up to 30 minutes, according to one user) and the app is buggy, access to the web-based community of fellow fitness enthusiasts and runners is a definite "pro". You can also use the fitness tracking software to analyze and track every aspect of your run and training performance.

Price: Starting at $175, this watch delivers excellent reliability at a pretty good price. If you're looking for a running watch to help you improve your performance, this is an excellent option to consider.

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