Best Disposable Baby Bottles

Playtex Premium Nurser Bottles with Drop In Liners
  • Less time washing parts
  • Collapsable liner reduces gas, colic, and spit-ups
  • Disposable and convenient - perfect for daycare

A convenient and affordable product with disposable liners. Less washing time and the perfect option to take to daycare.

Difficult to tell how many ounces of formula and water you have. Bendable neck design can be hard to clean.


Bottle: The Playtex line features a unique design. The idea behind the bent neck is that you do not need to squeeze all the air out, because the slant moves the milk down to the nipple. But we found that the silly little slant makes little difference. One thing we did love was the disposable liners which collapse to prevent air from getting inside your baby's tummy. 

Nipple: Although Playtex used to use latex nipples, they have recently switched over to a softer silicone. However, many reviewers stated that it took their baby some time to get used to the nipple since they're a bit thicker and not as soft as more expensive brands. 

Price: Some reviewers complained about the extra cost of the liners for this product. However, coming in at under $4 each, the cheap price is unbeatable.

What reviewers say:

  • "With these bottles I can just pop a liner in add the ingredients and feed. I can then toss the liner once I am done, I do not have to worry about a really smelly bottle if I forget it in the car or out a long day. That is the biggest plus, the convenience of the liners."
  • "These are great! It is so nice to have minimal cleaning to do when you are sleep deprived with a newborn. I highly recommend saving yourself some time and energy with these bottles."
  • "I'm absolutely obsessed with these. I hate washing constantly and this takes so much work out of the process. I have a little guy and I do not have time to be washing all my bottles every night."

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