Playstation VR Virtual Reality Headset

Best Virtual Reality Headset for Playstation Gamers

Why people love it
  • Perfect for use with PS4 and Playstation Move
  • Compatible with most Playstation games
  • Quality graphics, low latency, and full immersion

Built to be compatible with the PS4, quality display despite lower resolution, high-precision head tracking, and sleek and design.

Clumsy process to get started using the device.



The Playstation VR uses one screen (instead of the normal two), but the 1920 x 1080 OLED panel is crystal clear. The refresh rate of 120 Hz means smoother, sharper graphics compatible with the PS4. Despite a bit of "screen door effect" (pixelation), the unit displays quality images that will immediately draw you into the world of whatever you are watching or playing. The device doesn't come with built-in headphones, forcing you to use third-party headphones. With the Move controller around your wrists, it can be a clumsy process to adjust everything to get started.

Once you start using the device, however, you'll find that it works like a dream. Movement is easy and intuitive, and the extra LED strip on the outside of the headset increases the accuracy of the tracking. The low latency makes it easy to play any game developed for this unit.


The beauty of the PS VR is that there is just one cord to connect it to the console. The single tether allows you greater freedom of movement. The headset is easily adjusted for your comfort and clear view, and it is much easier to focus than the Rift. The fit is comfortable, but be prepared to sweat a lot!


At $550, the PS VR is a fairly high-priced unit. However, for Playstation gamers, it's as good as it gets!  Thanks to the reliable head tracking, silky smooth graphics, and sterling display, you'll love every minute spent gaming on this bad boy.

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