Why people love it
  • Variety of shapes, pieces, and colors
  • Comparable in size, color, and magnet strength to Magna-Tiles
  • Affordably priced

These cheaper magnetic tile sets tend to suffer from the same sort of defects: no metal rivets to hold magnets in place, magnets repelling one another, and weak magnets which lead to difficulty in maintaining a solid structure.


Age: Magnetic tile sets are meant to be used by children older than three years of age, though they also seem to keep adults well entertained.

Quality: Customers who love Playmags laud these magnetic tiles for their durability and strong magnetism.

Safety: Because magnets are not secured in place by metal rivets like in the Magna-Tiles sets, magnets have been known to fall out of the Playmags pieces. So always make sure you supervise your children when they play with these (or make sure they’re old enough to know not to put magnets in their mouths).

Price: While this may seem like a lot of money to pay for a child’s toy, these are actually the best value magnetic tile set we could find. At approximately $.69 per tile (and probably a little less since this set comes with a car and carrying bag), you can’t get a better deal on a Magna-Tiles lookalike.

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