Plastic Money Tree

Best Gift for A High School Graduate Who Wants Cash

Why people love it


  • Doubles as a jewelry holder or gumdrop tree 
  • Holds multiple bills 
  • Compact size



Multiple reviewers criticize the flimsy design of this plastic money tree, but most agree that it serves its purpose.


Why Your Grad’s Gonna Love It: Have you ever met a graduate who didn’t appreciate cash gifts? Yeah, neither have we.

You can load the branches of this money tree with cash, gift cards, or checks from your own savings or from the generous contributions of multiple gift givers. To attach money, purchasers recommend folding each bill into a fan shape and securing it with a ribbon. We recommend using ribbons with your graduate’s school colors or the college he plans to attend.

Consider pairing this plastic money tree with the Dave Ramsey book listed in this graduation gift guide. It may help your graduate make smart choices with his stack of bills.

Price: This tree is currently around $7 on Amazon, which is awesome because it frees up your budget for a hefty financial gift.

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