Plant Theatre Funky Veg Kit Box

Best Gift for the Gardener

Why people love it
  • Makes an incredible gift
  • Quality seeds and produce
  • Convenient; has everything needed to get started

There have been some quality control issues – and the instructions aren’t always clear enough for beginners.


Why she’ll love it: C’mon, what gardener wouldn’t want to grow purple carrots or red Brussels sprouts? It’s about as cool as it gets. And, this is one of the most unique gifts and perfect for Christmas – as these seeds should be planted indoors in the winter to give them the growing season they need for a full harvest after they’ve been transplanted outdoors (after the last frost, of course).

Even newbie gardeners have experienced success with these veggies – and the result is wonderfully fresh and delicious. Even better, this kit comes with everything you need to get going.

Price: The MSRP is $27, but you can find this seed kit for less than $20 on Amazon. That’s an excellent price considering you get everything you need to get these amazingly funky veggies growing.

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