PixieCrush Pretend Makeup Play Deluxe Set For Children

Best Gift for a Young Girl Who Wants to Be Like Mom

Why people love it
  • Mess-free fun
  • Makeup looks real
  • Cute carrying case

Some reviewers are upset that the makeup isn’t real, but it’s advertised as pretend makeup. Personally, we love that it’s fake because real makeup makes a real mess.


Why she’s gotta have it: She wants to look her best and be just like Mom (or another adult she adores). This pretend makeup kit lets her feel like a grown up, minus the mess. It includes fake nail polish, eye shadow, lipstick, and powder.

The brushes are soft and feel just like Mom’s makeup brushes. The carrying case doubles as a cute purse, so she’ll always arrive in style for job interviews, hair appointments, and trips to the mall.

Price: For $30, you can give your mini me a mess-free makeup experience with this pretend cosmetic kit.

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