Pirate's Booty Aged White Cheddar Puffs

Best Late Night Healthy Snack

Why people love it
  • A healthy alternative to Cheetos or chips
  • So light they'll melt in your mouth
  • Great snack for kids and grown-ups

These puffs aren't non-GMO or organic. 


Cheetos were the original crunchy and cheesy snack. Then somewhere along the way someone invented the "puff". Now today we have Pirate's Booty and can't get enough of it.

Ingredients: Pirate's Booty first won us over with their ingredient list. Gluten-free corn meal and rice flour are the main ingredients, unlike most puffs which have wheat. We think you'll be happy knowing these puffs have no artificial colors or preservatives unlike other puffs on the market. And, they're made with white aged cheddar so your fingers won't turn orange.

Taste: These airy puffs taste like real cheese followed by a mild pepper flavor. The texture is a cross between a rice cake and popcorn and they're so light they'll melt in your mouth. 

Packaging: We love the packaging of these puffs and we think you will too. Because these puffs have no preservatives, they tend to go stale quickly. Therefore, the 1-ounce bags are perfect for preventing this from happening. The portable snack size is also a lot more convenient to grab and go. Not to mention, with the smaller bags you don't have to worry about eating too many. 

Price: These gluten-free puffs come in at a moderate $18 for a pack of 24 1-ounce bags, falling in the mid range for healthy snacks.

A 1-ounce bag includes: 130 calories, 0g sugar, 2g protein, 0g fiber

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