Pinaud Clubman Styling Gel

Best Budget Hair Gel for Men

Why people love it
  • Amazing manly scent (like you just stepped out of the barber shop)
  • Doesn’t dry into a helmet
  • Amazing price and the product lasts and lasts

  • Equally good with both slick and high styles
  • Serious value for money
  • Terrific smell and natural feeling hair
  • A tiny minority of users report some flakes

Sure, you can brush right past this one, believing it to be old-fashioned or for the quality to match the low low price, but we urge against that.

This budget hair gel for men offers reliable performance across a range of hair types. Men going for high styles, as well as slick ones, find this to their liking - even though it never looks stiff or overly glossy.

Your hair will look and feel soft, and it washes out easily too. Of course, we want to point you back to the price - it's totally worth it!

Notable ingredients: This alcohol-free hair gel for men has one of the shortest ingredient lists out there and includes hydrolyzed wheat protein and hydrogenated castor oil which are good for your hair.

Sadly, there are added fragrances and colors.

Hold and control: You'll get a fairly strong hold with this gel. Many users find it's "just right" - offering strength while avoiding the helmet head. It also seems to last for the entire day - even through perspiration and high winds.

Shine level: For a gel, this isn't terribly shiny. It's more natural than anything, though you can beef the shine with a dab of water during application.

Texture and fragrance: It smells clean, and sort of like an old-fashioned barber-shop - and that's what it's going for. The texture is non-greasy and most men love it.

Application: Literally running your fingertips gently across the surface of this gel will give you enough hold to last through the day. And, if you want an even more natural look, you can run a comb through after distributing this in your hair.

Flakes and washability: For the most part, this product lives up to its reputation of being flake-free. A tiny number of users report some flakes, but it's hardly the norm.

What is normal is the ease with which this washes out of your hair. It's slightly more difficult to wash off your hands, but not by much.

Sizes and pricing: You can find this in a variety of sizes, though the 16-oz container is quite popular. The price per ounce sits around 50 cents, so you're getting a real bargain.

It comes with Prime shipping, but not a Subscribe & Save option (which is fine as this container will last for months and months).

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