Pick Punch

Best Christmas Gift for Musicians

Why people love it
  • Great for guitarists/bassists who tend to lose picks
  • Super easy to make 4-5 picks from one card
  • Can be used for cards of all thicknesses (for different pick firmness)

Leaves jagged edges on the picks that have to be filed down.


Details: For a musician, this is a great thing to carry at all times. With Pick Punch, he can turn library cards, credit cards, expired licenses, and pretty much any type of plastic card into 1-6 picks. The picks have a shorter nose than some guitarists might like, though bassists will find them a good option. The pick punch can help him to recycle and re-use old cards, and he'll never be out of picks no matter where he goes. It's an excellent under-budget gift for the musician in your life.

Price: At $20, this is a novelty gift he can't help but love. It's cute, practical, and will save him money on having to buy his own picks.

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