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Physix Gear Sport Compression Socks
  • Great for nurses, athletes, and travelers alike
  • A durable, long-lasting, reliable pair of socks
  • Wear them all day in comfort; no chafing or pinching
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Wide-calf design, covers the calves and ankles, good compression, versatile, comfortable, lightweight, adaptable to all activities, well-sized, supportive, easier to slip on and off than other compression socks, and midweight compression.

Pricey and only available in limited style/color options.


Performance: For those who want a quality pair of compression socks that works for every activity—work, sports, and travel—give these Physix socks a try. They're comfortable even after hours of wear, highly durable, and resistant to the sort of wear and tear that occurs when you walk or run all day long.

The socks offer midweight compression, meaning they're tight enough to improve circulation and reduce swelling without being overly constrictive. They're not medical-grade socks, but athletic wear that will help you be comfier in your own shoes. The supportive design will keep your legs, ankles, and feet stable as you move around—great for athletes with weaker ankles and feet.

Design: The knee-length socks have an extra-wide calf design, meaning they won't compress your calf muscles too tightly. The mouth is also wider than average, with enough elasticity that the socks will be fairly easy to pull on. However, once they're in place, the midweight compression keeps your calves, ankles, and feet firmly supported.

The material is beautifully soft and comfy, with zero risk of chafing or rubbing. The design prevents constricting on the calves or ankles, but they won't slip off when moving around. However, some users have complained they're a bit too tight for men and women with very large calves, and they only come in one style with very few color options.

Price: At $22 per pair of socks, these are a tad on the pricier side for "just another pair of socks". However, remember that they're specialized socks intended to improve circulation and reduce swelling. The cost is about average for compression socks, but there's no arguing with the high quality and durability of these bad boys!


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