Philips XL Airfryer

Best Air Fryer for Feeding a Crowd

Why people love it
  • Cooks wonderfully fast
  • Painless cleaning
  • A convenient advantage in any kitchen

This isn’t just a bigger model of the original; it also has additional features. The capacity is, however, 50 percent more, so we’re not sniffing at that.

The price is a little difficult to justify. And, it is a bit of a beast as far as size and weight go.


There are pros and cons to this Philips oilless air fryer. On the downside is the price; it’s a killer. And, it’s really quite a big and heavy counter appliance. It’s not like it’s going to collapse your counters, but storing it isn’t necessarily easy. It’s pretty enough to stay out, but it’s big. On the other hand, this is a big air fryer and you can feed the family faster with it. The pre-set features are fantastic (but perhaps not worth the price). If you plan to use your air fryer frequently – and you cook for a crowd, this is the one for you.

Manual or digital? As you would expect, this is a fully digital appliance. The touch screen is easy to read and operate.

Capacity? You can cook 2.65 pounds of food at a time. It’s a little difficult to know what that means when you’re not working with frozen French fries, but you should know this is the largest model with continued, solid performance.

Temperatures and timers? There’s a 60-minute timer and you can set the temperature at just about any level up to 390ºF.

Can it cook in other ways? Yep. You can grill, roast, and bake. But, no matter how large this air fryer is, it can’t bake cupcakes for a kid’s school class. Well, it can, but you’ll spend a huge amount of time making that happen. Though it does cook food more evenly than you would suspect given the model.

Cleaning? The food basket detaches quickly for tossing into the dishwasher. You’ll need to wipe the rest of the machine down manually though. Sorry.

Additional features? Yes, yes, yes. You can pre-set instructions for your favorite fried foods. You know, this long at this temperature for a pound of fries or so much for so long for six chicken wings. And, there is an auto shutoff feature too.

Product dimensions? The measurements of this Philips air fryer are a departure from the original. It’s 12.4 x 16.65 x 11.89 inches. And it’s a hefty 19 pounds. You really will want to consider how you're going to store this fryer, unless you’re happy with it on the counter.

Will it break the bank? Yes, it might. The MSRP is $400. And, you’re probably going to pay about $300. That’s a little too much for most families. Then again, if you continually eat fried foods, it will save you money… and your health.

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