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You’ll get incredible results with the patented starfish design. Plus, you can grill, roast, steam, and bake with this baby. (You could potentially survive with just this and a food processor in the house.)

Nope, it’s not cheap. And, you can’t make big batches of food in a single sitting.


This is the most popular air fryer option for several reasons. It’s got a lot to do with the ease of use; there aren’t that many bells and whistles, so even beginners can get going. Celebrity chef, Gordon Ramsay, has thrown his name behind this which we’re tempted to believe doesn’t happen all the time. And, he really does seem to rave about it. According to the Toronto Sun, he "practically embraced" one of these babies during a demonstration. 

Philips air fryers make use of Rapid Air Technology to spread hot air combined with high pressure. But, the reason we love it is that it works, it works well, and it doesn’t cost a fortune to make healthy eating possible. Just check out this tempting Ramsay recipe

Manual or digital? This is a fully manual air fryer. There are two different dials; one for temperature and the other is a timer. So, not super fancy, but it does the cooking part of the work well.

Capacity? You can fit up to 1.75 pounds of food inside. That’s equivalent to a full bag of French fries.

Temperatures and timers? The temperature dial goes from 90ºF to 390ºF, and you can control that as needed during the cooking cycle. A timer can be set for any interval between 1 and 30 minutes.

Can it cook in other ways? This is a little like a mini convection oven so you can also roast, grill, and bake. Not bad, eh?

Cleaning? Most of the removable bits are dishwasher safe. As with any electrical appliance, you should only wipe the body of the machine with a damp, soapy cloth or some kitchen cleaning spray. Want to know a bit more about maintaining your airfryer? Take a look at this video

Additional features? There aren’t any Smart features with this Philips air fryer, but it does shut itself off after the timer, which is helpful when you’re working on multiple dishes at the same time. You get a small recipe book with the standard packaging, but the price here includes the extra 150 Gordon Ramsay-approved recipes. We say do it.

Product dimensions? This air fryer is practically round with dimensions between 14 and 15 inches all the way around. It is a bit of a beast in the weight department though, weighing in at nearly 19 pounds. Think about where you’ll store it before you order it.

Will it break the bank? The list price is just over $200, but you’ll pay between $160 and $175 most of the time. That puts this Philips air fryer in the middle of the pricing range. It’s value for money and people love it.

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