Philips Norelco YS524/41 Click & Style Shave Toolkit
  • Beard styler has with length settings
  • Aquatec technology allows for a wet shave
  • Features a battery indicator
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Get this wireless shaver that lasts up to 40 minutes. You can shave with gel or foam and it even tackles dry shaving without a problem. The Norelco YS524/41 has 5 different length settings for various types of beards. You can also shave below the neck thanks to its body shaver attachment that'll give you a smooth shave. Cleaning the parts for this shaver is easy as you can just rinse them under the tap and no lubrication is required. 

Make sure you read the instructions before using, as the battery light indicators may be a bit confusing at first.


What Reviewers Say:

  • I gave this shaver a try in the shower on my face and wow was it quick and shaved just as smooth as my old fashioned razor does. Very impressed so far. After those two test I noticed the little red light telling me that the battery is in need of charging. So I plugged it in and did some reading. I found out the when the green light and the red light are flashing at the same time it is indicating that it is in the rapid charge mode and only after about 5 minutes of charging the little red light went out indicating that it now can be used for a touchup shave if needed or just leave it plugged in for a full charge.
  • Overall, it's a good shaver, compact, sporty looking with easy to change snap on heads. It's quite ergonomic with a built in rechargeable battery that charges quickly.
  • Battery lasts a long time and it's quite powerful, plus provides for a good shave everytime.

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