Why people love it
  • All-in-1 facial styler and shaver
  • Reversible large and medium size trimmer
  • Beard comb with 12 settings

Better as a trimmer than as a razor.


What Reviewers Say: 

  • It is extremely comfortable in my hand. I LOVE the trimmer for beard/mustache trimming. It really does shine there (for me anyway). For styling and trimming a beard to certain shapes and angles is where this works. As a razor, I would sadly give this a 2 star rating at BEST (1 star to be brutally honest)....And I definitely recommend you do not skip a day & try this as a shaver or expect to feel like you are using an epilator (please, don't ask...). And changing the settings did not help a bit here. It simply fails as anything but an emergency razor for my face. But I really feel it's true value is with beard sculpting.
  • Good product - both shaver and trimmer are excellent and the charging of this product is very fast. I really like the Philips Norelco All-in-one styler QS 6140.
  • This was my first electric shaver and trimmer. The trimmer is great and i use it to shape up my beard all the time. The shaver is good, its gets the job done and is good for when I'm in a rush. However, there are better shavers out there if you are looking for a super close shave. Overall, I am happy with this product.

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