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Philips Norelco OneBlade
  • The ideal shaver for men who want precise facial hair styles
  • Unique shaver head design delivers close, smooth shave
  • A highly effective shaver at a great price
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Super versatile, lightweight, easy to use, all-in-one shaver, great for detail work, unique razor head, very close shave, easily maneuverable, durable shaver heads, durable, wet/dry operation, and decent price tag.

Can't handle very thick hair, and the replacement heads are pretty pricey.


Performance: This device has been called a "hybrid razor and shaver", given that it looks like a typical razor but operates like a shaver. The trimmer head is built with a unique cross hatch pattern that will make it easier to get a (very) close shave without increasing your risk of razor burn or irritation. It delivers a smooth shave, gliding across your skin with ease. It's compact, comfortable to grip, and lightweight, making it the most maneuverable shaver we've ever tried.

Sadly, its design makes it less than effective for thick, coarse beard hair (around your chin). It's more suited to trimming your cheeks and moustache than slicing through thick stubble. However, you'll love the fact that it can be used both with and against the grain, delivering a close shave with a single pass.

Operation: This little shaver delivers 45 minutes of run time per battery charge, and requires 8 hours to refill the rechargeable batteries. However, its wet/dry operation means you can use it in the shower or bathtub or on a wet face. It's a bit tricky to clean (thanks to the cross hatch shaver head), but you can simply rinse it under the tap/running water.

Features: The shaver head looks like a safety razor head, but delivers the shaving power you need to keep your beard and facial hair in check. The slender head makes it easy to trim and contour your facial hair, allowing for a broad range of facial hair styles that you'd never be able to manage with a larger foil or rotary head shaver. Think of it as the "precision grooming tool" you always wanted.

Price: At $18, this is very cheap for a shaver but pricey for a razor. The shaver heads will only last for 4-6 months (depending on use), and they're pricey to replace ($15 for 1, $25 for 2). However, given the versatility of the shave, they're worth it if you want to take total control of your facial hair style.


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