Philips Norelco Multigroom Series 3100 Beard Trimmer

Best Christmas Gift for a Well-Groomed Dad

Why people love it
  • Makes trimming nose/moustache/sideburn/body hair easy
  • Trim is precise and efficient
  • Cleaning is very easy

Some attachments don't perform well.


Why he needs it: For a dad who wants to keep his beard tidy, this is a dream gift! Not only is it affordable, but it's highly efficient. The attachments make it easy to trim his beard to the right length—though it won't shave his face smooth like a razor. It takes 10 hours to charge the trimmer, and the battery will last for 5 or 6 shaves (approximately 35 minutes). It is wonderfully easy to clean, thanks to the fact that all the attachments simply pop off the trimmer.

The full-size trimmer is ideal for his face and body hair, but the smaller precision trimmer helps contour around his mouth and nose. The attachments are adjustable, allowing him to set the length of his beard, armpit, nose, and ear hair as desired.

Price: At $20, this is one of the cheapest beard trimmers around. It's a useful tool for those who shave with an electric razor, but who want a trimmer to help with grooming and hair control.

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