Why people love it
  • 90-minute battery life, 1 hour charge time
  • Self-sharpening that lasts a LONG time
  • Needs no added attachments for versatile shave

Gets a bit messy in the longer hair range (6-10 mm) and can irritate your skin.


Performance: This is definitely a high-performance shaver, especially for those who want to spend less time waiting for their trimmer to charge. You get about 90 minutes of use per charge, but it only takes 60 minutes to charge the battery. Best of all, you can use it while it's plugged in, so you never have to wait to shave!

The self-sharpening Titanium blades aren't just durable, but they'll slice through hair no matter how thick, coarse, or dense. The rounded edges of the trimmer are designed to reduce irritation, though using it without the attachment (blade only) may burn your skin. However, you'll find that it trims hair with all the efficiency you want from a cordless beard trimmer.

Features: This has more length settings than any other shaver on the list, ensuring maximum versatility for your shave. It can range from 0.5 mm to 10 mm so you can trim your beard to the exact length you want it. It's also beautifully easy to adjust it to your desired length setting.

Sadly, at the longer lengths, it doesn't deliver a very precise, even shave, so it takes a few passes to get the length just right.

Price: At just $35, this is a trimmer worth its price tag. You're not paying top dollar, but you're getting a beard trimmer that delivers precision and durability. Best of all, you can travel with it without worrying about running out of battery life!

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