Philips Noodle & Pasta Maker

Best Kitchen Gadget for the Pasta Lover

Why people love it
  • Way more simple to use than you would expect
  • Makes delicious (and cost-effective) homemade pasta
  • Convenient and quick

Make fresh and flavorful pasta from scratch - with minimal effort. You can make up to a pound within 15 minutes. Score!

The cleanup of this machine leaves something to be desired... for some users. Others love it. 


This is an incredible idea for any man that loves his pasta and noodles - and is tired of the effort. Indeed, it's ideal for anyone who likes to eat lots of noodles at home or if you want to get creative with your ramen.

What’s it used for? With the Philips Noodle Maker making fresh, homemade pasta is easy, no need to knead. Just put in the ingredients and let it make your noodles or pasta in 10-15 minutes.

Is it easy to use? Yes, yes, yes. Add flour, press the start button, add water or egg or other flavoring liquids, and then in minutes your noodles will be coming out of the maker. There are even kneading time adjustments available. 

Dishwasher-safe? Unfortunately no. This is a handwash deal. If the pieces could go in the dishwasher then we wouldn't stop raving about this until everyone bought one. 

Will it break the bank? This is definitely a luxury item. If you don't love your pasta, or have some disposable income, you will need to move along. 

What Reviewers Say: 

With 4.7 stars out of a possible 5 on Amazon, you have to know this is going to be an attention-grabbing product.

  • Cleanup? It's an absolute breeze.The machine breaks down into a few different easy-to-clean parts. I've been able to use Force Telekinetics to disassemble, clean, and re-assemble in less than 4 minutes. The counters even stay clean, no flour all over the place. The pasta extrusion tools are a little different - you put them in the frozen vastness of space for a little while (you could use a freezer, I suppose), then use a punch tool to punch out the pasta from it - also easy as can be.
  • I'm a gadget lover but this machine exceeds all of my expectations. The machine can make single or double batches of pasta. I have only tried single batches so far. Single batches only take 10 minutes! Double batches take 15 according to the manual.
  • Ok, so I gave this five stars because it deserves them. It's easy to use, easy to clean and produces good fresh pasta. Is the pasta better than store bought dried pasta, simply yes.

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