Philips Digital Airfryer

Best Air Fryer for Fast Food

Why people love it
  • Seriously high-quality appliance
  • Cooks remarkably fast
  • Easy to use and easy to clean

This is remarkably similar to the manual edition, but the digital controls make it a better choice for modern kitchens. There’s also a layered rack for maximum cooking space.

It’s not cheap and it can’t cook huge amounts of food in a single go.


This is remarkably similar to our top fave. Indeed, the main difference is that this one offers a digital interface. It’s not any smarter, but it does have a longer timer. And, of course, it costs a bit more. If you’ve already given manual models a go and you’re ready to move up the ladder, this is a solid bet. That said, we would suggest our top fave if you’re a newbie in the world of air frying simply because this method of cooking isn’t for everyone.

Manual or digital? You get a digital touch interface that enables you to change the temperature and a timer. The display is easy to read.

Capacity? This has the same 1.8 pound capacity as the original manual air fryer. That’s a fair amount of frying fat saved when you think about it.

Temperatures and timers? Just like the manual version, you can adjust the temperature between 90ºF and 390ºF. Unlike the manual version which enables a timer up to 30 minutes, this one gives you a full hour.

Can it cook in other ways? Yep, grilling, baking, roasting. You’ll get instructions on how to do this in the manual, but essentially, it’s a matter of adjusting temperature.

Cleaning? You can put a lot of the pieces in the dishwasher, which makes it easy to clean this air fryer. But, you may need to spend time cleaning the body of the machine if you make a mess while cooking.

Additional features? There’s not much else in the way of features, but there are stay-cool handles so you can grab them no matter how hot the cooking chamber becomes.

Product dimensions? Essentially spherical, this air fryer is more or less 15” in all around. But, it’s nearly 19 pounds which means it’s rather on the hefty side (don’t plan on storing it in upper cupboards).

Will it break the bank? The MSRP is about $250, and you’ll pay somewhere between that and $225 most of the time. That makes it one of the more expensive models. If it were cheaper, we would have put it in the top spot over the manual version. As it is, price is the only thing keeping it in the second spot.

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