Best Glass Baby Bottle

Philips AVENT Natural Glass Bottle
  • Glass is easier to clean and safer than plastic
  • Venting system works well
  • The nipple is shaped more like an actual nipple - great for breastfeeding moms that need to supplement with bottles

A BPA-free glass model with a wide nipple promotes natural latch-on. Anti-colic valve makes feeding more comfortable for baby.

Glass can be heavy for babies to hold. No silicone sleeve availible for breakage protection. 


If you're concerned about BPA found in plastic, think about choosing a glass product for your baby. Glass options are popping up everywhere, but we found the Phillips AVENT Natural Glass Bottle to be the best. 

Bottle: The AVENT model is made of BPA-free borosilicate glass. This type of glass is much stronger and less likely to shatter compared to standard glass. However, the glass can be heavy for babies to hold and there is no silicone sleeve availible for protection. One thing we love about these glass products is that they can be safely placed in the freezer or can be heated in a milk warmer. Another plus, the milk is heated much quicker in glass versus plastic. 

Nipple: Newborns love the AVENT product because the shape of the nipple is very close to the shape of a real nipple. They feature a wide shape with a flatter base which promotes natural latch-on. We especially loved that there is no ring that classic bottles have or any extra parts for that matter. This make clean-up super easy. Many moms stated that since the nipple is vented it doesn't collapse or leak during feeding. The anti-colic valve of the nipple releases air back into the bottle rather than into your babies tummy. 

Price: Surprisingly, this brand is more affordable than most glass options we've seen. They're actually pretty cheap! At $6+ a piece, you'll have peace of mind knowning there are no chemicals leaking into your baby's milk. And you can't put a price tag on that.

What reviewers say:

  • "I Love these! We used every bottle out there it felt like and these have been the best by far! They are quick to warm up, are easily held, and keep the bubbles down."
  • "Trying to get away from using plastic, so these glass bottles are great! My breastfed baby took to them right away, and I feel that part of it has to do with how wide they are to mimic the natural breast. No leakage while drinking either. Great bottles!"
  • "These glass bottles have been fantastic and are worth the purchase. All of the benefits of glass are right there -- no concern about chemical infusion into baby's milk, easy to clean and sterilize, super quick warm-up in a bottle warmer. It would take deliberate effort to break one -- think of the thick glass of a jam jar. A final additional benefit I appreciate: all the milk flows over the interior bottle surfaces to reach the nipple reservoir."

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