Why people love it
  • Allows for two-way talk and plays lullabies and music to soothe the little one
  • Noise sensitivity easily adjusted for parent-friendly monitoring
  • Reliable, affordable, and built to last

Backlight on the parent unit is problematic.



With a signal of up to 900 feet, this is a highly reliable device. The sound quality on the monitor is excellent, and the DECT digital technology prevents background noise from activating the monitor. The parent unit will let you know when it's time to recharge, but it will always stay connected until the moment the battery dies.


If you're looking for a monitor built for your little one, this is the device for you. The nightlight provides soothing illumination for the little one's room, and the built-in sound system plays lullabies to help your infant sleep. The temperature sensor is ideal for helping you stay on top of the temperature in your child's room, and you can even set it to alert you if the temperature rises or drops too much. Two-way talk allows you to calm your little one if they're fussy. For light sleepers, the parent unit can be muted, but the LED lights will alert you if there is sound coming from the room.


At $150, this is a bit pricey considering it's not a video baby monitor. However, it's highly reliable and durable, and it feels solid in your hands. The DECT technology guarantees privacy (no other monitors breaking in on your connection), so it's a good option to consider.

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