Why people love it
  • Smells absolutely fantastic
  • Holds hair in place all day long
  • Super easy to style and work into your hair

The alcohol-free formula will leave your hair feeling silky - not sticky (which is always a bonus). You can bet on an awesome sculpted style that everyone will notice. 

Uh-oh, you need a budget for this baby. If only we could do something about that. 


This gel is one of the few made for men with fine to medium hair types. It provides both volume and a softer hold than many other gels, but still doesn't require re-styling as you'd find with pomades and waxes. Plus, this product smells incredible as it's made from an extract of Irish moss. And, if you're looking for an extra bonus, this is one gel that won't cause an itchy scalp.

  • Hold and Control: This doesn't have a super strong hold, we'd consider it closer to medium, but we still love it for other reasons. 
  • Ability to Restyle: You're going to get "superlative shaping power" with this gel. That's awesome enough, isn't it? But, it also gives you an opportunity to restyle if you need it - it's just that you won't ever need to. 
  • Texturing Ability: Not really, and that's probably because you only need a dab of this gel to make a big difference to the way it looks and feels. But, if you really need a lift, turn to that trusty hair dryer while you're styling your hair. 
  • Shine Level: This has to be one of the best shines in the bunch. It's a little more than medium, but more glossy than wet. We love it as it sits a little closer to what we think a gel should look like than many other products. 
  • Flakes and Washability: You won't need to worry about flakes with this gel. If you've got them, it's because you have serious dandruff. And, if that's the case, get yourself a 2-in-1 shampoo to hydrate your scalp; you won't need anything special to wash this gel out of your hair. 
  • Scent: Is it alright to say this gel has a fabulous scent? It's refreshing and almost delicious. 

Bottom Line: This gel has a natural-ish hold that lasts all day long, with an awesome shine that we love, love, love. It works in easily and washes out easily too. And, it's great for your scalp. It does tend to work better on shorter styles than longer ones, but without ruling any 'dos totally out of the mix. Yes, we know it's expensive... but, we'll be honest, you don't need a lot of this product to get what you want from it. A tube of this gel may just last you a year. 

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