Phaiser BHS-730 Bluetooth Headphones


Why people love it
  • Comfortable, versatile, portable, and affordable
  • A great pair of headphones at an excellent price
  • Solid range of mids, highs, and bass—great sound quality

Excellent sound performance, crisp and detailed sound, solid bass, Bluetooth-compatible, 5 hours of battery life, super comfortable, good noise isolation, magnet keeps the headphones around your neck, comes with USB charger, quick pairing with your devices, inline controls, great design, and good durability.

USB port can be a bit flimsy, controls make pairing with single or multiple devices confusing. Too heavy for sports/active use.


Design: These earbuds fit snugly in your ears and offer surprisingly good noise isolation to reduce ambient noise. The three pairs of ear tips (plus special customized fit noise-isolation tips) allow you to find the perfect size for your ears. On the downside, they're larger and heavier than most earbuds around, and they're not suitable for sports/active use.

Performance: Audiophiles may not want to use these earbuds, but for anyone short of a professional musician, they get the job done in style. The sound performance is excellent, with a deep, punchy bass and balanced mid- and high-range notes that will make any song, podcast, or audiobook truly enjoyable. Despite their compact size, they offer surprisingly "large" sound.

In terms of Bluetooth-compatibility, you'll find that these headphones can be easy to pair with one device, but trickier if you want to pair with a second or multiple devices at the same time. They deliver up to 5 solid hours of battery life, and the USB charger allows you to plug them into your phone, computer, or wall socket for easy charging. The fact that they're Bluetooth 4.1-enabled means they'll instantly pair with your preferred devices in seconds. They say only get 33 feet of range before they disconnect, but you may end up with easily 60 feet before you have connectivity problems.

Features: The inline controls allow you to skip songs, adjust the volume, or play/pause. The headphones can be used for taking and making hands-free calls, thanks to the built-in microphone. Plus, the magnets built into the backs of the earbuds keep them hanging around your neck no matter what you do.

Price: At just $36, these are some of the cheapest earbuds on our list, yet they offer amazing quality at a low price tag. Definitely worth your choice if you're looking for that rare intersection of budget-friendly and high value.

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