Why people love it
  • Affordable alternative to bottled alkaline water
  • Removes bacteria and heavy metals
  • Makes tap water taste great

Each filter replaces a whopping 8,300 water bottles, making this water pitcher an ecofriendly option. Removes odor and color in addition to filtering out organic and nonorganic matter.

The filter gets clogged easily because it captures so many impurities, so expect to unclog it often. Sometimes the filtration process takes a long time - like a day or so.


Design: This alkaline water filter goes in a 1.32 pound water pitcher. Each filter is shaped kind of like an old film roll, if you remember those. You just slide the filter into its assigned slot in the water pitcher - which is included in the link we shared - when you’re ready to purify your water.

The water pitcher comes with a PH001 filter, but you can add a PH002 filter for increased benefits. The PH002 filter captures up to 99% of yucky stuff like parasites, bacteria, and endotoxins.

Each PH001 filter gets its filtration powers from a stone and ceramic ball blend, plus zeolite, micro nets, an activated carbon charcoal and ion exchange resin. This design helps the filter increase pH and -ORP values for immunity-boosting clear water.

Performance: This water filter gets the job done well; numerous users say it creates pure, clean-tasting water. We already mentioned that combining the PH002 filter with the PH001 captures up to 99% of icky organisms, but it also helps eliminate the unpleasant odor and urine-like color associated with some municipal tap water.

The filter also remineralizes water while removing heavy metals like arsenic and lead. It even gets rid of large amounts of chlorine and fluoride.

Special Features: This is a simple model, so there aren’t many special features. However, users like the digital gauge that indicates when it’s time for a filter replacement.

Life Span: Each PH001 filter transforms up to 1500 cups of tap water into pure alkaline goodness. That equates to 360 litres or 96 gallons, which is pretty impressive for an affordable alkaline water filter pitcher.

Price: For around $50, you can eliminate more than 8,000 bottles of water per year.

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