Best Dog Camera and Treat Dispenser

Petzi Treat Cam
  • Talk to your pet throughout the day, no matter where you are
  • Give them a treat/food to keep them happy
  • Great for smaller dogs, and very useful for training pets
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Decent quality camera, dispenses treats to your pet, one-way audio speaker, easy to share photos to social media, and incredibly easy to use.

Only compatible with certain treats and not the most durable camera.


Performance: If you've got a small dog with separation anxiety, this is the perfect pet camera to use! Not only can you see what your pet is up to (via the pet camera), but you can talk to them and even dispense treats.

The camera isn't the best quality on the market, but it does take good pictures, captures decent quality video, and comes with features that make it easy to upload your content to social media. If you love sharing pictures of your pet doing adorable things, it's a great choice.

The Wi-Fi connection must be very stable, or some users have reported troubles with the connection. However, it's an easy device to set up and use, and the audio is high-quality enough that your pet will recognize your voice.

Features: The main selling point of this dog camera is the treat dispenser. You can set it to launch a treat for the dog to chase. However, the dispenser only holds a certain type of treats. You'll have to buy those treats specifically.

The audio is one-way, meaning only you can talk. However, the Petzi will make a sound when the camera is turning on, alerting the dog that you're going to talk to them. It's great to keep pets with separation anxiety calm.

Note: the treat dispenser isn't going to survive a full-on assault by a hyperactive or large dog looking for treats, so make sure to use it only with smaller dogs.

Price: At $170, this is one of the better-priced pet cameras on our list. The camera quality may not be the best, but it's great for those who want to give their pets treats and keep in touch with them all day long.


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