PetSafe Martingale Collar

Best Dog Training Collar (Martingale)

Why people love it
  • Heavy-duty yet comfortable nylon dog collar
  • Super durable for dogs that like to chew
  • Soft choker alternative to other dog training collars

The AKC recommends the PetSafe martingale collar as a safer and softer alternative to the traditional choke collar. So, if you’re concerned with the amount of pressure being put on your dog’s neck, this is a good collar to try instead.

Sizing may be tricky with these (since you have the extra loop that loosens and tightens), so be extra cautious when buying these as customers have complained about their dogs slipping out of them.


Style: Martingale collars are similar to basic dog collars in that they’re typically made of nylon. However, a Martingale collar like this one cannot be secured with a clasp or buckle. Instead, they’re slipped over a dog’s head so that the collar remains somewhat loose while you walk. While training, if they (or you) pull on the leash, the collar tightens like a choker.

Comfort: This will be just as comfortable as a basic collar; however, don’t leave this on your dog while they’re chilling out at home. Customers have expressed concerns about dogs choking/strangling themselves while they’re not at home (it’s just due to the construction of a Martingale).

Security: This has been a problem for some customers. While the collar will stay in place when tightened, if you don’t pick up the proper size, your dog may be able to slip out of it.

Price: This is super cheap, which is surprising what with how well-made PetSafe products are.

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