PetSafe Electronic Pet Feeder

Best Automatic Cat Feeder for Wet Food

Why people love it
  • Simple to programme and use
  • Makes sleeping in easier
  • Hardly difficult to clean

Some users don’t recommend this for dogs as it’s not huge and the timing is a little wacky.


It’s a basic automatic pet feeder, but it does the job well. You fill a single tray with as many as 5 1-cup meals and schedule the tray to rotate to expose a new meal with an electronic timer. It only offers dispersal over a 24-hour period, so don’t think you’re headed away for the weekend with this. The drawback of the good price is the lack of features – and rambunctious dogs can figure this feeder out quickly.

For Fido or Fluffy? It’s really for both dogs and cats. But, we want to qualify that. If you have a small dog with blood-sugar issues (or no sense of time), you’re good to go. If you have a large dog that needs serious routine, move along. (And rambunctious dogs can pull the food tray out if they try.)

Kibble or tartar? Either way or a mixture of both. And, the size of the food doesn’t matter. But, we do need to let you know that there isn’t an ice pack included. You might want to freeze later portions of wet food to keep it fresh. Or use dry food for later meals.

Capacity? A max of 5 cups.

And that’s how many meals? A max of 5 meals. There’s a single tray that rotates between the 5 1-cup containers.

What sort of power is needed? You’ll need 4D batteries – and they’re not included, which we think is a bummer.

Is the cleaning easy? The tray is completely dishwasher-safe, but you’ll have to clean the rest of the unit by hand. Sorry.

Will it break the bank? At $35, you can certainly afford to give this cat feeder a try. It may not be something you use every day, but it could help you sleep in every now and again.

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