PetFavorites Mylar Balls

Best Cheap Cat Toy

Why people love it
  • Felines love batting them around
  • Tough for exuberant kitties
  • Extremely cheap

There are some issues with the color bleed when these mylar balls gets wet, so it may be best to avoid carpetted areas and water dishes at playtime.


Durability: These little toys are extremely hardy, and stand up to lots of heavy play. The biggest issue you may have when it comes to replacing them is if they are batted under furniture and get lost. But the good thing about these toys is they come in a big package of 12. 

Features: Mylar is a durable polyester sheeting that is used in shiny helium balloons. Cats love the sound and feel of mylar, and they will get hours of fun out of these toys. Each ball is approximately 1.5".  

Price: This is such a great deal on these little toys, you'll never feel about loosing one! So cheap and a hit with all kinds if kitty personalities. 

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