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Pete and Pedro Clay
  • Lovely medium hold that doesn’t fail
  • Deliciously scented
  • Awesome for fine hair
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This will definitely make your hair appear denser and it’s also got a medium hold that is certainly stronger for guys with fine hair. Plus, it smells so. very. good.

It’s on the expensive side and it’s not going to work wonders for guys with longer hair, or thicker hair either.


If your hair is naturally fine or you’re beginning to experience thinning, you need to take a serious look at this product. Like right now. It’s amazing.

For a start, it will definitely make your hair look, well, fatter. You’ll be able to work with it in ways you didn’t expect, as you can achieve some piecing, without exposing your scalp in that horrifying way you may be experiencing with other products.

It’s a medium to strong, all day hold and it smells exactly like you want your men’s hair products to smell. Basically, it’s all things that are good, with a matte finish that doesn’t frighten you or anyone else.

While it is on the pricier side, it’s absolutely the right clay for this hair type, and therefore, usually worth it. More than that, it goes in easily and comes out in a snap.

Hold: Considering this is especially for guys with fine and thinning hair, you shouldn’t expect it to be super strong. That said, it’s definitely more than a medium, and you still get plenty of flexibility with it. If you are working with truly fine hair, then expect a strong hold, but not a weighted one.

Texture: It’s a light, non-gritty clay-like texture.

Application: The formula makes it really easy to apply a dime-sized amount to damp or dry hair. You won’t get any clumps, even if you don’t work it too hard in your hands beforehand. Nice, right?

Duration: It’s really difficult to say, when used by guys with fine and thinning hair, you’ll get a full 18 hours out of it. For the guys with denser or thicker hair, you shouldn’t expect more than 12-14, which is still more than enough for most guys.

Washing ease: Easy peasy, you shouldn’t expect it to take any effort at all.

Scent: The smell is a little difficult to put your finger on, the manufacturers say it smells like a “freshly bathed TIGER.” What we can say is that it mostly smells clean and manly – and darn good at that.

Key ingredients: The primary clay in here is bentonite. There’s also mineral oil, beeswax, and lanolin. Sadly, you will find a little alcohol in here, but it is paraben-free.

Size: There’s a 2-ounce container available. It’s also not available as a Subscribe & Save option, so you’ll need to remember to reorder it.

Price: It’s $19 on Amazon, but, since it's not Prime eligible, you’ll also need to factor in shipping. Without the shipping, it works out to $9.50 per ounce which puts this on the higher side of the clay spectrum, but it’s not the most wild either.


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