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Petco Oval Tan and Cream Lounger Dog Bed
  • This bed is super soft and great for dogs that like to curl into a ball or snuggle up to something warm
  • The foam sides and base provide enough support and cushioning for dogs who want it
  • Creatued using machine washable fabric and features a removable pillow
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These beds are perfect for smaller, cuddle-loving pups. And because they're made by Petco, that means there are a number of opportunities for getting this already affordable bed at a discounted price. If you want a stylish and comfortable place for your small dogs to rest, this is a good one to check out.

The most common complaint made regarding these beds is that sizing information may be misleading.


Support: Based on the reviews, these beds provide more than enough support for dogs under 30 pounds; anything bigger and you should consider one of the other dog beds mentioned here.

Size: Online measurements state the size of this bed as 27" x 21" x 8". It’s important to remember that when beds have high edges or support bars that go around the edge, the actual space in which your dog can lie is smaller than the measurements given, so you’ll want to plan accordingly.

Scent & Stain Control: With an easy-to-remove pillow and cover that zips off, these beds are very easy to keep clean.

Value: This is a comfy and well-constructed bed meant for the small dog. While you may be tempted to by something with a few more frills, this offers a pretty good value (especially if you order it online instead of in-store) for what you get. 


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