Timber Artbox Large Family Tree Photo Frames Wall Decal

Best Mother’s Day Gift for Moms that Like Showing Off

Why people love it

  • Easy to set up
  • Looks amazing
  • Will elicit many compliments 


It's not great for small spaces and some of the frame spaces are too low for those with small children in the house.


What does your mom like to show off? Very often, it’s her family! This family tree wall decal is an amazing accent piece whether you use the frame stickers (ideal for renters) or hang frames along the branches. The simple design allows the photos to speak for themselves. This is downright gorgeous.

Looking for alternative gifts for mom?

If mom has treasured recipes that have been handed down through the generations (or you want to pass some up to her), you can always have them transferred to a tea towel at Spoonflower.com. Indeed, why stop there, print mom some fabric from your childhood drawings or have wallpaper made with her sketches. Let mom show off anything! Perhaps she only needs a Spoonflower gift certificate to get her started.

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