Perry Ellis Men's Luxe Solid Boxer

Best Silk Boxers for Men

Why people love it
  • Soft to the touch, even though they aren't actually made of silk
  • Temperature controlling and breathable fabric makes these silk-like boxers very comfortable to wear
  • The fit is perfect—not too tight and not too loose

For men looking for silky-soft boxer shorts that also look great, the Perry Ellis Luxe Boxers are a great pick. They also strike that perfect balance between loose and fitted boxers, so you can get the best of both worlds.

Because of the super silky texture of these shorts, they have a tendency to ride up. Some reviewers also noted that these have been discontinued in stores, so you’ll only be able to purchase these online.


Comfort: Made from an 88% polyester-12% spandex blend, these shorts are known for being super soft and silky to the touch—“frictionless” as some reviewers have noted. And unlike some silky-like fabrics that have a tendency to repel water, leaving the wearer feeling wet, these are known for their breathability.

Features: Aside from the breathability factor, these are just a really nice, simple boxer short made with microfiber stretch to aid in giving men the perfect fit.

Price: While the single pack price of $10 to $20 isn’t cheap by any means, the pricing on these boxers is actually pretty good for what you get.

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