Why people love it
  • Great for a base layer or winter wear
  • Comfortable, plush, and protective for your feet
  • Breathable and well-ventilated, but good for staying warm in cold weather

Thick, comfy, very warm, durable, reduce risk of feet infections, good fit, quick delivery, made in the USA, breathable, smooth inside, soft, and moisture-wicking.

Prone to pilling and delicate to wash.


Fit/Comfort/Style: These socks are ideal for those who want to stay warm in cold weather, or for anyone who spends a lot of time on their feet. Not only are they thicker than classic cotton socks, but reinforced heel and toe offer good cushioning and protection for your feet. Wool naturally reduces the risk of bacterial and fungal infection.

The socks aren't the most stylish—they're a bit thicker than you might be used to, and their color is pretty dull. However, they are made to keep your feet warm even in the dead of winter, and you'll find they offer better traction in your shoes. All in all, an excellent pair of winter socks to own!

Material/Durability: The socks are made of 71% Merino wool, which makes them highly durable, moisture-wicking, and comfortable. However, they also contain 21% Nylon, 1% Spandex, and 7% Polyester, giving them greater elasticity and making them lighter than 100% wool socks. This combination makes them super soft yet more resistant to wear.

A number of users commented on the socks' tendency to pill, some immediately after the first use. This is a problem common with woolen socks, and it won't affect durability or comfort.

Price: The 4-pack of socks will run you $30, though the original price tag is $75. They're certainly among the pricier socks options, but worth it if you want better warmth in winter.

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