Pelonis Electric Radiator Heater, 7 Fin, Oil-Filled

Most Efficient Space Heater

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Why people love it
  • Energy efficient
  • Great for heating small to large spaces
  • Easy temperature control

Do you want a space heater that will be efficient not only in terms of heating a room but also in terms of your energy bill? Well, you’ve found it here.

The most common complaint—and something to definitely watch out for—is the fact that this space heater makes the floor beneath and directly in front of it very warm.


Output: Pelonis space heaters tend to be amazing at providing an abundant amount of heat to a room quickly. Unlike the other Pelonis on this list, the Pelonis Electric Radiator Heater can heat small to large rooms.

Efficiency: This baby does double-duty: it efficiently heats up rooms (sometimes a little too well) while also efficiently using your home’s energy to do so.

Safety: There’s an auto shut-off in case of overheating or a tip-over. However, be mindful of the floor beneath it. You may want to put something down to keep your floorboards or carpet from heating up too much.

Noise: No issues here.

Price: Pelonis is known for high-quality and affordable space heaters. Can’t go wrong here.

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