PEET Dryer Original 2-Shoe Electric Dryer

Best Gadget for After a Day of Snowboarding

Why people love it
  • Dries your shoes quickly
  • Prevents trench foot, athlete's foot, and fungal infections
  • Super convenient and easy to use

MUST be left on overnight--takes hours to dry.


Performance: The PEET shoe dryer dries any shoe no matter how wet it get's over night. Believe it or not, drying your shoes can extend the life of them! Drying your shoes also removes viruses and skin irritants that can cause you discomfort. And, probably one of the best reasons to keep your shoes dry would be to eliminate any odors caused by bacteria and sweat. 

After a day of snowboarding, just stick the shoes onto this dryer and switch it on. Come morning, the shoes will be dry--all while the device used less electricity than a light bulb!

Features: The dryer is safe for use for all shoe materials--from leather to rubber to neoprene to canvas to microfiber to synthetics. It's a no-fuss device: simply plug it in and get drying!

Price: Is $40 too much to pay for a pair of dried snowboarding shoes at the end of a long day? Heck no!

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