Peepsnake Smartphone Scarf

Best Snowboarding Scarf

Why people love it
  • Super warm and comfy
  • Store your smartphone, keys, and wallet around your neck
  • Vegan-friendly, but as warm as wool

Phone-carrying pocket fits most iPhones and Android smartphones, super warm, back camera lens window included, zippered pocket, durable, made with vegan-friendly microfleece, resistant to pilling, and velvety feel.

Heavy to have your phone dangling around your neck and it won't fit PLUS-sized phones.


Performance: Made from super-soft and super-warm microfleece (a vegan-friendly alternative to wool), this scarf serves multiple purposes: it will keep you warm while also securely holding your smartphone; comes with an additional zippered pouch for other items such as keys, cash, or other essentials; features a convenient touchscreen window so you can access your smartphone without removing it - great for when you are hitting the slopes! 

Features: The zippered pouch will keep your items securely in place as you ski, but the zipper is large enough to open with your gloves still on. The back camera lens window is perfect for taking video or photos without removing your phone, so you never have to risk snow/water damage. 

Price: Is $36 too much to pay for a simple scarf? Perhaps, but this is no ordinary accessory! It's the perfect gadget to keep you warm while giving you instant access to your phone.

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