Best Men's Styling Cream for Thin Hair

Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Shaping Cream
  • Guys love the medium hold that washes out easily
  • The Tea Tree in this cream smells fantastic
  • It's the natural appearance that makes this a product men buy over and over again
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  • Great medium hold that lasts through the day
  • Smooth, natural finish without any residue
  • Distributes through hair and washes out easily
  • The product can leave thick hair feeling greasy
  • The price per ounce is high

Paul Mitchell has done it again with this light-weight and easy to use styling cream. It's perfect for men with thinner hair, as well as those with longer hair, and it really does a top-notch job with curls.

You do not need to use very much at all to get the effect you want, and it washes out easily.  

If you can get over the price, this may just be your go-to styling cream.

It doesn't leave flakes and women tend to love the smell of this particular styling product. Besides the tea tree aroma, you get a super-matte finish with a superior hold. 

The biggest upside to this styling product is the long-lasting hold you’re going to get out of it. It’s not just long-lasting either, it’s strong. But, at the same time, you get moveable texture as a result of the flexible resins found inside every drop of this stuff.

Key ingredients: Alongside plenty of tea tree oil, you will find castor oil. While it is paraben-free, it does have plenty of alcohol in it. 

Texture and appearance: It's a non-sticky but wax-like cream that's wonderfully lightweight. 

Application: All you need is a pea-sized drop, and it's best applied to damp hair. 

Scent: We'll give you one guess...of course it smells like tea tree extracts. It can be a little strong for some users, though most people absolutely love it. 

Price: This can run as much as $19 for the 3-ounce container, and you'll pay a little less than $6.25 per ounce. That's definitely pricey, though people swear by it.

That said, it is available as a Subscribe & Save option, so you can get a little more bang for your buck here. 


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