Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Shaping Cream (3 oz)

Best Long-Lasting Styling Cream

Why people love it
  • Guys love the medium hold that washes out easily
  • The Tea Tree in this cream smells fantastic
  • It's the natural appearance that make this a product men buy over and over again
Drawbacks, not dealbreakers

The product feels very heavy and can leave thick hair feeling greasy.


Paul Mitchell has done it again with this light-weight and easy to use styling cream.  You do not need to use very much at all to get the effect you want, and it washes out easily.  It doesn't leave flakes and women tend to love the smell of this particular styling product - and it works on thick, curly, and straight hair. If you can get over the price, this may just be your go-to styling cream.

The biggest upside of this styling product is the long-lasting hold you’re going to get out of it. It’s not just long-lasting either, it’s strong. But, at the same time, you get moveable texture as a result of the flexible resins found inside every drop of this stuff.

Application: It can be applied to damp and dry hair though it will leave a little of a shine if you apply it to slightly wet hair. 

Who’s It For: It's one of the few products that works equally well on medium-thick and straight hair just as well as it does on thick, curly locks.

Why We Love It: There’s no other product like this on the market. Besides the tea tree aroma, you get a super-matte finish with a superior hold. If this weren’t on the higher end of the price per ounce spectrum of styling creams, we’d have bumped it up a notch.

What Reviewers Say: 

  • You only need a little of the cream (soft wax basically) to get your hair in the style you want. If you use the product while your hair is wet the cream will leave a semi shine on your hair after your hair dries but if you use it while your hair is dry it'll just leave a matte finish. The cream also doesn't take much effort to rinse out either just wash your the hair normally it comes out with no residue. The tea tree smell is also just right not too strong or too weak for a hair product. Overall, I highly recommend the product to people looking for an easy styling cream/soft wax.
  • It's the perfect consistency: it goes on wet, doesn't give you that "gel" look, and it KEEPS your hair positioned for the entire day
  • I love this stuff. Its one of the only products I've been able to use that does not leave small flakes in my dark har.
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