Paul Mitchell Men Steady Grip Firm Hold

Best Hair Gel for Men with Curly Hair

Why people love it
  • Delicious, manly fragrance
  • Non-greasy, non-sticky, non-clumpy
  • Just the right amount of hold

  • Hydrates and thickens hair while holding it in place
  • Just a touch of shine
  • Hold isn't overly strong
  • Not everyone loves the scent

This gel is created for extra strength (though it's not exactly that) - and for men that want to tame their hair without restraining it.

It offers a medium-to-firm hold and a natural shine so it never looks like too much product, even when used to create volume.

Now, you don't need a lot of this product to get the results you need, and that makes it ever so much more valuable for the price.

Plus, it will never make your hair sticky - and it's great for curls.

It's also got a gorgeous scent that will never overpower your other products.

Notable ingredients: This alcohol-free formula is enhanced with aloe barbadensis leaf juice as well as cross polymers and gylcols for healthy hair.

Hold and control: Just ignore whatever the bottle says about the hold; it's not extra or anything like it. If they advertised it as a medium-hold gel, we would have moved this gel way up on the list because that's what it is. But, it will hold for quite a long time - like more than a day.

Shine level: Expect a natural shine here. It's definitely a medium - not a powerful tidal wave of wetness. Yay!

Texture and fragrance: There's nothing overly distinctive about the scent of this hair gel. At best, it's got an undefinable masculine smell, but it could also take on the scent of your shampoo as this Paul Mitchell product really doesn't have an odor that lingers. Still, not everyone loves it.

But, we must warn you that the non-sticky formula has a consistency that's a little more like liquid than gel.

Application: Oh baby, you're going to love this if you have thinning hair that needs some lift, and you'll love that you don't need to apply much product.

You're absolutely going to get some volume from this one, especially if you're not afraid of bringing your hair dryer into the mix every now and again.

Flakes and washability: No flakes; how awesome is that? And, it's not tough to get out of your hair either - unless you put too much in to begin with.

Sizes and pricing: Okay, this is definitely one of the pricier gels on the list, with the price per ounce coming in just under $2.75/oz. But, most users find value for money in this 5.1 oz squeeze container.

And you should know that it's not a Prime product, but it does come with free shipping.

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