PathBrite Headlamp Flashlight

Brightest Headlamp Flashlight

Why people love it
  • Ultra-bright headlamp flashlight
  • Variety of settings and features including intuitive sensors, strobe, and emergency
  • Lightweight

This is the ultimate in hands-free flashlights. It’s so lightweight that you’ll forget you have it on, it’s chock-full of settings and features, and it’s ultra-bright to boot!

A couple customers complained about the narrowness of the beam and their inability to do anything about it (like with a handheld flashlight). 


Purpose: Do you need a super bright flashlight that you don’t have to hold? Then this is the flashlight for you.

Performance: Although it says this is meant for both indoors and outdoor use, this is really going to serve you well outside. It comes with a hands-free sensor, an S.O.S. flash setting, red emergency lights, and it’s waterproof.

Price: Most customers are completely satisfied with their purchase and no one’s reported any breakdown issues. Considering this also comes with a lifetime guarantee, the price is super reasonable.

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